Winter Roof Maintenance: Gardner-Gibson is your Postseason Partner

by Angelo Guidotti | March 30, 2016

If you’re like us, when you see the word “postseason”, you think about football free agency, players retiring and rookies getting ready for the draft. However, roof maintenance, like football, also follows a seasonal calendar.  Let’s talk post-winter season roof repair. Every season delivers its own version of stress for your roof, and winter is no exception.  The continual freeze-thaw cycle in northern climates subject roofs to phases of expansion and contraction that can result in splits or cracks around roof joints, chimneys, skylights and other projections. Strong winter winds can loosen flashings and shingles. And ice dams can trap water long into pools that eventually seep into damaged areas, ultimately resulting in leaks.

Simply put, winter weather exposes roofs to environmental extremes that can in turn lead to significant damage.  However, extreme winter weather also creates seasonal challenges for roof maintenance. Imagine climbing up on the roof to assess maintenance needs and conditions during the winter: Mid-winter roof maintenance can be hazardous to both the climber and the roof.  Extreme cold renders rooftops more susceptible to damage; and simply walking on a roof in winter becomes extremely dangerous work. Surfaces brittle and break under foot, and ice greatly increases the risk of slippage.  

As winter comes to a close, the spring thaw reduces the icy hazards of roof-work in cold weather.  In comes the post-winter season—time to assess the health of your roof.   

Whether you hire a pro for a seasonal inspection or you are a very experienced DIY-er, Gardner-Gibson manufacturers a wide range of products to repair, preserve and protect your roof.  

Best case scenario: An inspection reveals that all is well; you need only schedule your next inspection—just like you would your next A/C service—and rest easy. Worst case scenario: Inspection reveals leakage.  In the latter event, beware: The source of a leak isn’t always as obvious as it may seem.   Somewhere between best and worst case scenarios, regular, seasonal inspection should catch minor problems, easily repaired before they turn into major catastrophes.   

Still, fully insuring against the danger of serious future damage requires careful attention to even minor repairs.  There are a number of key factors to consider when choosing the right patch and repair products. To name a few: 

  1. What roofing materials need to be repaired? 
  2. How extensive is the damage? Is the roof flat or pitched?
  3. Are there sections where water sits or pools on the roof?
  4. Will the repair be visible? 

Gardner-Gibson manufactures products designed to answer the full range of roof-repair needs.  Our products are available in tubes for smaller repairs, and in quarts for larger, more comprehensive issues.  You’ll find a number of Gardner-Gibson cements and mastics that can be used in wet or dry conditions. And Gardner-Gibson manufactures clear, black, and white products to support a variety of repair and needs and surface styles. 

In short, Gardner-Gibson places many resources at your fingertips.  A Technical Data Sheet (TDS) provides brief product summaries, including preparation, application, coverage rates, clean-up information, and more. You’ll find it on the product pages of our branded websites. Whatever you do, make a habit of looking at the roof regularly. By doing so, you’ll have the opportunity to alert your contractor for appropriate repairs before leaks or other significant damage occurs.