5 Tips for Non-Roof Related Activity on the Roof

by Angelo Guidotti | July 27, 2016

Roofs can see a surprising number of visitors throughout the year including heating and cooling contractors, solar contractors, stucco/masonry/brick contractors, window washers, IT, cable and satellite installers, seasonal decorators sign installers and snow removers. Any of these and more can cause damage. Before anyone heads up to the roof, make sure you know how to protect it.

  1. Know your warranty and what type of activity on the roof should be monitored by the roofing contractor and/or roof membrane manufacturer. 
  2. Ensure that actions affecting your roof are in keeping with contractor and/or manufacturer instructions.
  3. Keep a log of visitors to the roof so problems can potentially be tracked back to particular instances/actions.
  4. Schedule regular roof inspections with photos to uncover and document any issues or potential issues.
  5. Always use approved contractors for repairs.
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